Are you the ATO Contact for STP? – Mandatory from 1st July 19

You need to get this sorted ASAP to lodge your organisation’s STP and BAS directly from Xero 

Not for Profit organisations are not so good at updating the contact details with the ATO when there has been a change of treasurer or other office bearer.
This is less of an issue with the ACNC as the ACNC requires annual reporting. 

From 1st July 2019 Single Touch Payroll (STP) is mandatory for all employers. Click here for the ATO’s announcement of the approved legislation passed in parliament on 19th Feb 19. 

This means that, from 1st July 19 all employers will need to lodge payroll information with the ATO after each payrun. 

Xero’s STP lodgement function is ready and is a very simple and easy process.
Click here for some more information about Xero’s STP process. 

To start, there is a set up process to Opt into Xero’s STP.
The first step will be to Call the ATO and give them some details about your ABN and your SSID (Software ID) (Xero). Once the ABN & SSID information is given to the ATO, you will be able to lodge your payrun details directly from your Xero Pay Employees screen after each payrun – with just one click! 

To talk to the ATO you will need to be registered as an ATO Contact for your organisation. 

If you do not know who is the ATO contact for your organisation (very common!!) call the ATO and ask. 

Click here for information about changing the authorised contact person for your organisation. 

If you are not the authorised contact for your organisation you will need to order and complete the Change of Registration details form.  

This needs to be: 

  • ordered from the ATO who will sent in the mail 
  • Completed, signed, and attach signed evidence of the authorised contact’s position. That evidence is usually a copy of signed minutes of a parish council meeting that states the contacts position. 
  • Returned to the ATO

After, say 3 weeks, try the set up process to Opt into Xero’s STP. 

The details of this process will come in a separate article. 

For now – make sure that you are the authorised contact with the ATO ASAP! 

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